Donated Money – Fundraiser Ideas

Receiving donated money is an interesting concept. Businesses and non profits alike build relationships and provide value. They differ in their intention and means for raising money.

A business sells goods and services for the primary purpose of raising money for their own pocket while a non profit is raising money for the purpose of giving to others.
A non profit has a mission statement to guide its activities which provide inspirational, aesthetic, charitable and entertainment value for members or as an outreach to a specific group or purpose. A non profit is a giving organization and through their giving ideally they inspire donated money and time from people and businesses that want to support their mission.

Non profits and raising money go hand in hand. Whether doing charity, church, booster club or PTA fundraising, fundraisers for schools, clubs and churches are always looking for successful raising money ideas. It takes a lot of planning and effort to organize a fundraiser event, let alone a successful one that actually does raise money.

Fundraisers can be fun and easy or extravagant, highlight special events, or be of special interest or niche focused. There are many common ways to raise money ranging from selling candy, washing cars, hosting a dance or flea market to straight forward asking for donated money, time and items for operating the organization or for carrying out the mission.

There are some unusual fundraising ideas available now for raising money that have never been available before. How about an energy saving fundraiser or a green fundraiser? It is even possible for your supporters to save money and donate money to your non profit fundraiser?

If you are fundraising for non profit organizations and want a practical way to help more people while raising money for your charity contact the author of this article. The time is now for creative fundraiser ideas to get donated money.

B Young is a consultant and contributing writer for several conscious organizations in the energy, green living, well being and empowerment fields. For more information on unique fundraising ideas like energy saving fundraisers and green fundraisers for non profit organizations, churches, schools and clubs request a Save Energy Raise Money Fundraiser consultation at

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