Donated Money – Understanding What Compels People to Give

Non-profits, churches and charities must raise money to cover operating costs and support their mission. Though time, equipment and other items are wonderful donations, receiving donated money is the ideal form of support. Money raised allows the flexibility of choice for when and how to use the support.

Fundraisers have worked successfully for non profits to support themselves. Since they rely upon raising money, it is helpful to know what compels people to donate money to a charity.

1. The inspiration to donate can be from a common heartfelt purpose such as rescuing animals, providing aid to disaster victims or preserving nature areas.

2. Spontaneous and unusual ideas for fundraising can provide appeal to people because they provide fun, celebration and a means for creative expression such as with a variety show.

3. Tradition often compels donating to an organization such as buying Girl Scout cookies or contributing donated money to the firefighter boot drive.

4. Fundraising ideas for non profits can create a sense of community as in a church, a neighborhood or a cancer research fundraiser which is a desirable and enjoyable experience.

5. Energy saving fundraisers can save energy and save money on bills the giver already pay each month while the organization raises money. Saving money is a highly motivating and unique aspect of this type of fundraising.

6. Green fundraising ideas provide ways to help the environment, reduce waste or carbon foot printing while raising money for the cause. Many people are looking for ways to do their part and will contribute to green endeavors.

All of these means of getting donated money and time are an exchange of value. They support a mission and promote sharing. Some even benefit the giver by saving them money. The chance to give, be a part of a charitable endeavor or receive a benefit are largely what compel people and businesses to participate in fundraisers.

B Young is a consultant and contributing writer for several conscious organizations in the energy, green living, well being and empowerment fields. For more information on unique fundraising ideas like energy saving fundraisers and green fundraisers for non profit organizations, churches, schools and clubs request a Save Energy Raise Money Fundraiser consultation at

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