How to Safely Donate Money to a Charity Association

Charity organizations are a great source of help for those in need, whether for countries during a disaster such as the current events in Haiti or to help individuals down on their luck in local areas. However, one must be very careful today in selecting any charity association to which one donates funds. For, not all of these organizations are out to help people, in some instances they are set up as a front through which to fund either domestic or international terrorists. To this end, always check out any organization before donating any money or time to same.

If a charity is tied to criminal behavior, one needs to know. Generally the treasury office in the area in which one lives can provide a listing of organizations known to support terrorism, so it is also good to check for this listing where available. This not only effects one from being involved in terrorist activity without their knowledge but also assures the funds donated reach the right countries or individuals for which they are intended.

One way to protect oneself from such a situation is to visit the office of any organization one is donating funds to. In addition, one may also want to visit one or more of the benefiting parties in order to better understand where and how their donations are being used. This way one can see first hand how the organization operates and what their beneficiaries are doing with the funds. To this end, one knows their donated funds are going in the direction in which they were intended.

Fortunately, when it comes to a need for donations, a variety of charitable firms exist. Some of these help the homeless and the hungry while others help the sick and dying. Of course, there are also those who build homes and schools, establish clinics in third world countries and those that provide food, gifts and clothing to those in need worldwide. To this end, regardless of the amount one can give, all donations are generally appreciated and the recipients, more grateful than most will ever know.

Since most donations to various charities are also tax deductible, one must be sure to keep receipts not only to keep track of charitable donations for tax records but also in the chance of a tax audit. For while tax audits are rare, they do still occur. Also, the more money one claims with regards to charitable tax deductions, the more likely the chance of an audit.

Also, before donating money or time, one need also be sure the charity fund is set up through legal channels. Not only because one needs to know where their contributions are being distributed to but also to assure individuals get the proper tax deduction with regards to their donations. This has become especially true since the terrorist attack on the U. S. In 2001 as new laws and regulations have been set up accordingly to avoid the funneling of charitable funds to terrorist organizations.

Therefore, as long as one takes the proper steps, one can see great personal as well as some financial gain through giving to a charity. While it is hard to give to charity for some, others benefit greatly both personally and financially. To this end, for those who can afford to make charitable contributions, they not only give but they also get back.

To this end, as the general rule on deductions has changed in some countries, it is more important now than ever to understand such laws and regulations before making a charitable contribution. Still, giving to charity is always a noble act. Therefore, give, just be sure and keep any receipts for such donations and if applicable know all laws and regulations before filing any associated tax paperwork. Follow these guidelines and one can rest assured the funds donated to any charity organization will be distributed to countries and individuals that are truly in need of assistance.

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